The theme of the summer camp this year was “My home, My future”.summer camp 2013 Six members of the Gospel Community Church (GCC) in Hong Kong flew over and taught in our summer camp this year. It was the third time that Wai came to help us. He and our part-time coworker Joy designed the logo of the camp T-shirt. By learning English, playing team games, watching videos, and crafting, the children learned to appreciate their family and to claim their ownership of this city they live in. They were divided in four teams and drew their summer camp 2013ideal neighborhood. In the drawings of each team, there are always a park and a hospital. From their letters to the mayor of the Changping County, we were delighted to find that the children care about their neighborhood and have brilliant ideas to make it a better place. On the fourth day, as a way to encourage the children to dream their future, we taught them about different vocations in English and even made a skit out of the lesson. On the last day when they performed the skit at the celebration party, their parents were amazed that their kids can actually act in an English skit.

Thirty two children from the local village joined the camp. On the last day, we invited their parents to go with the children to the Beijing City Seaview Water Park. Edith and other teachers taught those kids who wanted to learn swimming. Toward the end of the day, Sunny and two other kids could already float and swim by holding their breath. It was such a joy for us and a happy surprise for their mothers sitting beneath umbrellas at the shore.


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