Our Team


Joshua Wu, Co-Founder

Originally from Shandong, Joshua used to be a village dentist. Witnessing God’s power in his father’s miraculous recovery from a stroke, Joshua was baptized along with his family in 2003. However, it was not until late 2007 when he struggled as a migrant worker in Qingdao that he personally encountered the Redeemer and committed his life to serving Him. In October 2009, after Joshua married Joann, they embraced a vision of starting a community center where they can serve and influence the families in long term. After praying and site searching for three months, they finally settled in this particular village. On March 20, 2010, the Agape Center was opened to the community. While still being much involved in the community center, Joshua shares the preaching responsibility at the church and pioneers in the area of developing a sustainable model for the entire ministry. He hopes that in the future he will focus more on lecturing and counseling on issues related to parenting and marital relationship.


Joann Wan, co-founder

Experiencing the separation from parents and stayed only with grandparents when she was young, Joann can particularly identify herself with migrant children's situation. Studying US further deepened her feeling of alienation until she was adopted into God’s family in 2001. God’s love totally changed her life, and directed her back to China after spending seven years abroad. While she was teaching in a migrant school at the edge of Beijing, she went with students to visit their parents at home. She was shaken by their devastating living condition and the alienation the migrant families suffered. God’s calling came upon her to share love and truth in this marginalized community. Like her husband, Joann is also much involved in the community center and in the church while she is also in charge of curriculum and program development and public relationship. It is her commitment to work closely with migrant families to help them build a healthy family by offering them seminars and counseling service.


Steven Cui and Stephanie Xue, center directors

Both Steven and Stephanie grew up in Christian families in a rural village. After they got married, Steven left the home village and worked in big cities, while Stephanie stayed behind serving in the church. She also ran a daycare center at home looking after those children left behind by their parents. In 2008, with support from their families, Steven quit his job and joined his wife to study in a discipleship program. The four months intensive training finally brought true conversion and transformed their lives. The love of Christ compelled them to serve Him. As they labored many years in big cities, they understand the struggles of migrant workers. They are grateful that God provides them this opportunity to serve the migrant families and their children in the community center. They are currently overseeing the daily operation of the center as well as the volunteers program.



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